What will The EGEF fund?

Grants are awarded to educators at any of the six public schools in East Greenwich. Funded grants should integrate with or enhance the current curriculum. We look primarily for three attributes in a grant proposal: innovation, creativity, and sustainability.

Can I apply for more than one grant?

Yes, you may submit as many applications as your time, creativity, and initiative will allow. 

Can I apply with other teachers?

Yes, you may apply either individually or as part of a team. We encourage collaborative projects among teachers and schools.

What should be included in the budget?

Your budget should cover all expenses, including materials, fees, compensation, taxes, licensing, shipping, or any other expenses associated with the project. Only items listed in the original budget will be eligible for reimbursement.  Reasonable substitutions may be approved at the discretion of The Foundation, as necessary. Applicants should not request funding for items that will or may be included in the school district budget.

Line items over $1,000 require a submission of statements from multiple vendors for comparative analysis. Where applicable, Applicants should consult with the Director of Purchasing for the East Greenwich School Department or other appropriate contact.

What happens if I exceed my budget?

The EGEF does not reimburse cost overages; please be as accurate as possible when submitting your budget.  Only items listed in the original budget will be eligible for reimbursement.  Reasonable substitutions may be approved at the discretion of The Foundation.  

What if I do not spend all of my budgeted funds?

If your project comes in under budget, unused funds will remain with The EGEF and applied toward future grants. All reimbursements must be submitted by December 31, 2020.

Who is on The EGEF Grants Committee?

The Grants Committee is comprised of Board Members who are selected annually by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.  

​The Grants Committee selection process includes an effort to achieve diversity as it relates to committee members’:

  • ​Childrens’ schools
  • Childrens’ ages
  • Areas of interest and strengths

The integrity of the grant process is critically important to The Foundation as a matter of public perception, fiduciary responsibility, and credibility with educators and donors. As such, Grants Committee members are required to strictly avoid participation in any decision-making involving grant requests from their own children’s educators.

Is my Grant Application made public?

All submitted grant materials and discussions within the grant application process are confidential.

Why can't I apply for a grant on my mobile device?

Our online Grant Application cannot remain idle for too long without risking the loss of data, and because we value your time and effort, we want to make sure the Application does not time out.  We recommend that you prepare your responses in a separate word document, and then copy and paste those responses into the online Grant Application.

Who can I contact with questions regarding the application process?

Questions regarding the Grant Application and/or the application process should be directed to the Grants Committee.

When can I apply for a grant?

Our Grant Season will open in January 2021. Be sure to join our mailing list so you know right away!