How Grant Awards Are Decided

The EGEF Grants Committee will individually and collectively review each application according to a pre-determined grant evaluation rubric.  The Committee will then rank all grant proposals by merit, for recommendation to The EGEF Board of Directors.  

All grant applications, as well as The Committee's recommended rankings, will be presented at the April Board of Directors Meeting. Funding awards will be determined by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Notifications, Feedback and Publicity

Grant Recipients will be contacted in April. A member of the Grants Committee will be assigned to each awarded grant to assist with implementation and answer questions.

Grant Recipients are asked to keep their award status confidential pending a press release by The Foundation. Grant Recipients are required to permit The EGEF to publicize their grant awards, including public announcements, photo-ops, and continued press regarding grant implementation and experiences.

​Applicants whose grants are not selected will also be also be notified in April.  These Applicants will have the opportunity to discuss The Foundation’s determination with an EGEF Board Member.