2019-20 Grant Recipients

Total Awarded: $34,000

Archie R. Cole Middle School

  • Executive Functioning: Teaching Skills for Middle School Success (Cole, 6th): Provides executive functioning materials and tools for teachers to help all incoming 6th graders acclimate to middle school, manage time and decrease stress.
  • Unified CrossFit: Bridging the Gap Between Seasons (Cole, 6th-8th): Provides equipment for Unified Sports athletes to train and spend extracurricular time together during the off-season through cross fit stations and activities.

East Greenwich High School

  • Digiscoping (EGHS, 10th): Allows 10th grade students to view and study wildlife from a distance via a spotting scope that zooms and records images with a digital camera.
  • “The Amazing (VR) Race”: Virtual Reality to Bring Field Trips Home (EGHS, 9th-12th): Virtual Reality technology that allows Humanities students to “travel” the Globe. Covers 30 VR glasses.

Frenchtown Elementary School

  • Full “STEAM” Ahead (Frenchtown, K): STEAM center materials to be used in all K classrooms. Consists of large array of STEAM materials and books that will be used to introduce weekly STEAM centers.

Frenchtown and Meadowbrook Farms Elementary Schools - Joint Grant

  • “Don’t Run in the Hallways” Sensory Hall Pathways (Frenchtown/Meadowbrook, PreK-2nd): Creates a Sensory Pathway that is adaptable to students needing extra physical activity, mental health support or active engagement. Floor decals in two schools.

George R. Hanaford Elementary School

  • Sphero Coding (Hanaford, 5th): App-enabled robots to be coded with existing Chromebooks. Funds a total of 30 Sphero robots to initially be used in one 5th grade classroom; then spread to the entire grade.

James H. Eldredge Elementary School

  • Mindfulness through Meditation in the Classroom (Eldredge, 4th): Integrates mindfulness and guided meditation in the classroom via yoga mats, meditation music, books and other resources.
  • Social Emotional Support (Eldredge, 3rd-5th): Provides Social/Emotional Learning support via inspirational graphics throughout the school stairwells and hallways.
  • Have a Voice: Q-Balls (Eldredge, 3rd-5th): Technological balls that when caught, activates a microphone system to amplify a student’s voice. One per grade level.
  • Bringing Coding to Life (Eldredge, 3rd): Funds 12 Evo-bots, which follow both drawn and computer-generated codes, along with OzoBlockly program, EduApp and STEAM lessons to use with the Evo-bots.

Meadowbrook Farms Elementary School

  • Creative Collaboration for a 21st Century Learner in our Library (Meadowbrook, PreK-2nd): Funds white board collaborative tables for the school library to be used during library classes, PBIS assemblies.