2016-17 Grant Awards

Archie R. Cole Middle School / East Greenwich High School

  • FitnessGram: All students in grades 6-12 will be able to track their personal fitness progress through electronic fitnessgram, designed to help students understand the importance of lifetime fitness.
  • Snap & Read: Provides universal software for students to support reading and studying. The software will also encourage students and teachers to customize personal Chrome toolbars to support writing tasks.

East Greenwich High School

  • Hominid Skulls: Brings interactive study about the evolutionary history of hominids into the classroom via seven replica skulls. Students will be able to form hypotheses and conduct research based on their investigations of the skulls.

​Frenchtown Elementary School / James H. Eldredge Elementary School

  • Goldilocks Chairs: Funds a research project to investigate classroom space arrangements and dynamic seating alternatives so students can find a seat that is the “just right” fit for developmental well-being and increased completion of work.

George R. Hanaford Elementary School

  • Desk Pedals: Portable desk pedals will provide students with to use movement to maximize brain function and anchor learning. Students will be able to pedal during class instruction and independent work.
  • Global Writing in the 21st Century: All 4th graders at Hanaford will take writing into the 21st century by expanding and enhancing current skill sets using applications including, but not limited to Bit Strips for Schools, Lucid Press, Kidblog, and movie-making software.

James H. Eldredge Elementary School

  • 21st Century Learning Environment: Allows for the redesign of a fourth grade classroom space and provides moveable, multi-purpose workstations for each student. Workstations will provide mobility and allow stronger collaboration and more effective utilization of all areas of the classroom.

​Meadowbrook Farms Elementary

  • Meadowbrook by the Bay: Brings local marine science education and environmental awareness into all K-2 classrooms—and brings the classrooms into the field. Students will gain a specific understanding of Narragansett Bay as a local resource with global impacts and become experts and educators themselves.