2014-15 Grant Awards

Archie R. Cole Middle School

  • Extensions in Science - Cole Middle School Science Olympiad Team: Grant funds of $5,000 will be allocated towards the purchase and maintenance of supplies, equipment and other resources to support the Cole Science Olympiad Team. A Science Olympiad Kit and supplemental technology will assist in student preparation and learning, as well as providing them with the opportunity to design competition models, create study guides, and use the scientific method to design, test and evaluate their event items. Last year’s team finished second in the state in its first year of competition, and these new resources will help meet the growing student interest and improve their readiness and knowledge-base.

George R. Hanaford Elementary School

  • Language Laboratory
  • Newsmakers: This grant will allow for the purchase of iPads to enhance and enrich the student experience through two initiatives at Hanaford Elementary School: an introduction to foreign language acquisition, and the successful launch of a student-run newspaper. The mobile language laboratory will provide students with basic concepts to language acquisition, and permit them to pursue independent study during the day to develop their skills, once trained on the iPad technology. ​The student newspaper will use the technology to seamlessly integrate all aspects of the paper; student reporters will take photographs, communicate with their advisor and other reporters via email and messaging, write and edit the paper, and learn design techniques.

James H. Eldredge Elementary School

  • Narragansett Bay: An Estuarine Classroom: Students participants in this project will take a multidisciplinary approach to learning about Narragansett Bay, including investigating its history and geography, storm water runoff and analyzing the negative effects from anthropogenic impacts. Chromebooks will be purchased so students have an up-to-date platform to conduct their research and present their findings using Glogster. Grant funding also provides for lab activities and hands-on exploration.
  • TAR - Technical Assisted Reading: This grant will provide systematic and personalized learning for all fourth grade students. By targeting key reading areas such as comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and phonics, each student will be challenged according to ability. Chromebooks and specialized reading software will be purchased to enable teachers to design specific reading programs that meet meet the individual learning styles of each student.