2009-10 Grant Awards

East Greenwich High School

  • Genocide Education: East Greenwich is one of the first schools in the state to offer an elective course in genocide studies. According to EGHS history teacher Robert Petrucci, “Genocide Education is a valuable lens through which to teach the importance of becoming an educated and involved citizen. I see my role as empowering students to take the next steps in terms of holding elected officials accountable for their decisions regarding human rights violations around the world.” Inspired by his Armenian wife and family, Mr. Petrucci has become a leader in the state on the subject of Genocide Education. After availing himself of the opportunity to attend a workshop at Rhode Island College on Facing History and Ourselves, Mr. Petrucci set about the challenging task of writing the course curriculum. According to Mr. Petrucci, when this compelling curriculum was presented to the School Committee for approval, the question was not “Why are we doing this?” but “Why aren’t we doing this already?”
  • Health/PE Performance-Based Tasks: With a grant from the EGEF, Health and Physical Education at EGHS will be taking on a new twist. By enabling the high school to purchase two dedicated DVD cameras and recordable DVDs, students will now have the opportunity to create, share and discuss DVD-based productions that reflect and reinforce classroom learning, and allow for unique, and archival assessments of performance-based tasks.

George R. Hanaford Elementary School

  • Rhode Island Children’s Book Award Promotion: With the help of a grant from the East Greenwich Education Foundation, Hanaford Elementary School educators: school librarian Peggy Chace and Grade 5 teacher Linda Cram have set a goal of increasing participation in the annual “Rooster Games” from 75% in 2009 to 100% in 2010.

James H. Eldredge Elementary School

  • Conserving Energy While Traveling Through the Disciplines: Conserving Energy While Traveling Through the Disciplines will enhance the 5th grade curriculum by providing an interdisciplinary, exploratory, and hands-on experience in the bourgeoning field of environmental science. The project consists of three units – robotics, environmental science and oceanography. Using robotic technology, students will build solar cars, wind turbines, and solar hot-air balloons. The environmental science unit will involve worm growing, composting, greenhouse planting, construction of a model energy house, and marketing/selling at the environmental fair. In the oceanography unit, students will study the ecology of Narragansett Bay and environmental factors that may influence the future of the Bay. All units will involve a literature component with writing activities and a hands-on science technology component with math.

Meadowbrook Farms Elementary School

  • Meadowbrook Farms Learning Garden: With a grant from the East Greenwich Education Foundation, Meadowbrook Farms School will construct and maintain a learning garden on the school grounds that will serve as a direct and applied extension of classroom learning.